Bruno's Gym Transformation

From skinny to strong!

Tired of being picked on Bruno went from skinny to strong!

I'm a 24 year old, college student (studying sport sciences), also part time worker and doing some online coaching on the side. I love to hit the gym (obviously), enjoy gaming, movies, series and anime. bruno's gym transformation

Starting Stats:

16 years old.
121lbs and 12% body fat

Current Stats:

24 years old
187lbs and 10-12% body fat

What motivated you to change?

I was picked on by everyone as I was younger, and skinny. I was the nerdy kid who stayed home every day, playing his life away. Although I can't say that I've been bullied, some commentaries that people made towards me made me want to hit the gym. One day, a friend of mine whom I had told that I wanted to hit the gym sometime, told me about one, relatively close to my (now old) house, and I went there. Back home after my first training session ever, I could barely get the door unlocked to get back home, that's how sore I was. But at the same time, I was hooked.

What was your past diet and lifestyle like?

It was horrible to be honest. I used to be much more sedentary, although I still am for the most part. My diet used to consist of 1 or 2 huge meals a day, but I spent the rest of the day not eating anything. If I had to guess, I was probably hitting 2k calories a day if not less. That was clearly not enough for a 16 year old who still hit a height growth spurt after hitting the gym and eating properly.

What kind of diet do you follow now?

I've been doing flexible dieting (IIFYM - if it fits your macros) for years now. Before that, I didn't really track anything, just made sure I ate alot. When I first started doing IIFYM, although I was counting macros, I made sure that every food in my "diet" was "clean". It was only somewhere in 2016 that I decided to start including some food that I felt was only possible to eat on your regular "cheat meal" or "cheat day". Still, I try to keep it about 80-20 in terms of healthy food vs fast, sweet food.

What workout routine worked best for you overall?

I've done plenty of different training routines over the years. I started off with your typical bro split, in which you hit each body part a week, with plenty of rest. Upon researching deeper in the internet, I found out that ideally, natural trainees should train each muscle 2-3x a week. After that, I started off with SS (Starting Strength) by Mark Rippetoe, to build a strong strength base. After that, I moved on to PHAT (by Layne Norton), which I followed for some months. Outside of that, my main training routine, which has been for years now, is a push/pull/legs/repeat/rest.

What keeps you motivated to keep pushing?

I used to be motivated by size gains, looking in the mirror, that kind of thing. Lately, I've been moved by hitting personal records every training session. As you know, progressive overload is a very important factor towards gains, be it hypertrophy or strength. So I like to think that every session that I set new records, I'm putting another brick into the huge house (myself) that I'm building.

How has your life changed since starting to workout?

I used to have very low confidence before training. I was the kind of shy person, who tries to hide themselves amongst groups. Now, although I'm still a bit shy due to my nature itself, I'm much more out going. I have no trouble talking to strangers. Hell, I record training sessions with a big camera in the gym nowadays, which draws plenty of attention to me. I could not imagine doing that years ago, when I first started.

What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s starting out?

Find a goal, or a reason to do this. That's the most important thing. And it can't be something too "superficial". Pretty much everyone I know who started off lifting to "impress the ladies", either has given up by now, or has switched his goals. Push through the beginning. It's gonna be really hard. I think the first 3 to 6 months, is when people are most likely to quit. If you can make it through, you'll likely still lift to a long time.

What is your ultimate body/fitness goal?

I honestly don't have one. It used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger for example, but as I've gotten bigger and stronger, I can't really envision any sort of goal of that nature. I just keep trying to improve, every day, one day at a time, without ever setting limits as to what I want.

brunos body transformation

Your supplement stack?

I don't really use much. I basically always have 2 different flavors of whey protein, normally from myprotein. And the reason why it's 2, it's just so that I can mix it up sometimes, and not get sick of the same flavor. Creatine is another big one. Besides that, perhaps fish oil, multivitamin and preworkout. Right now I'm using Hot Blood by scitec.

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