Jeremy's Strength Journey

I'm not disabled I'm an able body person, I'm just shorter!

On a journey to hit the 1000lb club and compete in a full able body powerlifting competition!

I am a current college student who is going to college to study Exercise Science. I am also a current assistant coach for a local high school wrestling team. My main source of income is my job at a retirement home where I serve food and clean dishes.

Jeremy powerlifting transformation

Starting Stats:

16 years old.
106lbs and 18% body fat

Squat: 185lbs
Bench: 95lbs
Deadlift: I didn't start deadlifting until about 2 years ago

Current Stats:

20 years old
119lbs and 10% body fat

Squat: 455lbs
Bench: 235lbs
Deadlift: 275lbs

What motivated you to change?

I was tired of losing in wrestling, I wanted to get stronger.

What was your past diet and lifestyle like?

My diet was pretty strict being a wrestler. In season it was, tuna, tossed greens(oil for dressing), water, chicken breast, peanut butter, pasta, protein bars. 

What kind of diet do you follow now?

I try to follow about the same diet. My diet is based around my previous diet but it's not as strict. I can have the occasional cheat meal.

What workout routine worked best for you overall?

I don't really have a workout routine. I always go based off of feel. If it was me, I would work out every body part every day, because that's just how much I love it. But in the beginning I had this thought in my head and I kinda piggy backed the idea off of Kai Greene. It goes like this, when someone is looking at the ground and starts at your feet they scan you up... First they see your legs, then chest or back, then shoulders, then arms.  I would split all five of those and work on them. So it would go legs, chest, back, shoulders,arms. I have recently turned away from that because it got boring and I wanted to mix it up.

What keeps you motivated to keep pushing?

I think what motivates me are a lot of things. One knowing that there is always room to improve. Another is when I see others that have it harder then me, I always say I'm not disabled I'm an able body person I'm just shorter, so there is no reason to not work out. People who motivate me the most are KC Mitchell, Conor McGregor, and Kai Greene.

jeremy deadlift

How has your life changed since starting to workout?

My life has changed for the best since working out. I feel better, happier, more confident. It also changed my life in a way like I can't not workout at least once a day. If I don't it feels like something is wrong, like that day is not completed until I work out.

What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s starting out?

Best advice is just get started, and find something that you enjoy doing. Set long term and Short term goals.

What is your ultimate body/fitness goal?

Short term goals, 1000pound total, compete in a full able body powerlifting competition.

Ultimate goal is to inspire others with everything I do to show that everyone can do anything, you just gotta put your mind to it.

jeremy triceps pic

Your supplement stack?

I currently don't really take any supplements, I have stopped because I started to really get addicted to them and I would take too much. But when I do, I only take a pre-workout being Mr.Hyde or IRATE

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