Gym Etiquette

So you decided to join a gym, congrats on taking that first step! Before you enter the iron den, lets get you started with some basic gym rules so you don't look like a newbie and feel uncomfortable on your first day. GYMDAY wants to support your gym journey and the last thing we want is for you to be too scared to return. First off just know that everyone was once in your shoes! Scared, nervous, and had no idea what to do on their first day. Most people there, especially the ones that look the most intimidating are actually the ones that will be the most encouraging and helpful... so don't be nervous and lets get you ready for your big day!

This list also applies to all the people that just don't follow basic gym etiquette!

  1. This is not your private gym, no super duper setting.
    Unless the gym is empty, don't super duper triple set your routine. I am all for super setting when the gym isn't busy, but if people have to wait because you are in the middle of a circuit doing 4 different superset exercises.. then you are just an iron hog!

  2. Re-Rack your shit!
    Mommy isn't here to pick up after you, if you use something, put it the hell away!

  3. Keep your phone in your pocket
    Nothing is more annoying than hearing what you did over the weekend while you are sitting on the bench. Take that shit outside or at least away from the weights so the rest of us can focus on actually working out!

  4. Shut the f*ck up Britney Spears!
    I spoke too soon, singing out loud while others are working out is just as annoying as talking on your phone. Shut the f*ck up, no one wants to hear your singing, the only thing it is good for is giving some of us that extra anger to hit a new PR.

  5. Don't interrupt someones set
    Interrupting someone mid-set is as bad as tapping someone on the shoulder mid-sex. We are in the zone! Not cool, just don't do it.

  6. Don't walk in someones mirror space
    Unless they are standing right in front of the weights making it a pain to get at them, don't go stand right in front of someones mirror space and start lifting.

  7. Squat rack for squats
    Most gyms have 1 or 2 squat racks, don't go doing your bicep curls or military presses in the rack when someone is waiting to actually train legs there. If the gym is empty, by all means go ahead and do handstands or whatever else you want to do in there, just be conscious if someone is waiting to train legs.

  8. Respect the headphones
    Headphones on means world off... DO NOT DISTURB!

  9. Empty equipment does not equal a table
    Just because someone isn't using that bench right now, that doesn't mean you can setup a picnic on the empty bench with all your gear.

  10. Don't train right in front of the weights.
    As mentioned prior, standing right in front of the weights is just being a pain in the ass for anyone needing them. Take a few steps back!

  11. Wear f*cking deodorant! Calm down on the perfume/cologne!
    Please, please, please put on some deodorant before you hit the gym. The last thing anyone wants, is to be taking in a deep breath right before a heavy lift, only to be inhaling your cheese pits. Same applies for perfumes or colognes.

  12. Use a damn towel & wipe down your machines.
    If you are like me, you train hard and you sweat. Either you bring a towel to workout on or take a couple seconds and wipe the bench or machine down before you leave. Its like taking a piss and not flushing the toilet, its just rude.

  13. Gym bags off the floor
    Gym bags belong in lockers, not on floors for people to trip over.

  14. Outdoor shoes are for outdoors.
    Change your shoes when coming to the gym! Remember when you were in school and you had to change into your gym shoes? the same applies here. No one needs you tracking your muddy boots through the entire gym, especially the poor cleaning lady.

  15. Let people work in
    Everyone takes rest periods between sets, if someone asks to work in, let them! And if you work in and change the weight, make sure to change it back.

  16. Ask/Give spots
    Asking for a spot or giving a spot is general gym common courtesy. Don't get upset when someone needs a hand and don't feel awkward asking. Everyone should be here to improve themselves and assist others in improving.

  17. Don't be a creep
    See that cute girl over there in the yoga leggings? Yeah well stop looking! She or he is here to workout, you staring from across the room makes you nothing more than a creep! As much as you think they may like you noticing them, the only thing going through their mind is "WTF is that creep looking at?"

  18. Don't coach
    I didn't ask for your advice so keep that shit to yourself. Unless someone asks you specifically for help, don't offer it.

  19. No spitting in the water fountain
    Do I even have to explain this one? Go to the damn bathroom if you need to clear that crap out of your mouth.

  20. Personal Bubble
    Give people space. We are lifting heavy weights, we don't need to be mid rep when someone bumps into the 300lbs hovering above our chest.

  21. Stop Yelling or Excessive Grunting
    There is no need to unnecessarily scream like a banshee every time you lift that 10lb dumbbell or even when you are just tying your shoes! Same goes for the hydraulic presses out there, there is no real reason to be breathing like that. You not only look like a crazy weirdo but you are annoying the hell out of everyone around you.

  22. If you are sick, stay out of the gym!
    I respect anyone that is a beast and won't quit lifting no matter what the situation, however if you have a deadly flu, please stay home as I don't need that crap too. And if you do decide to come in, please wipe down everything you touch and hand sanitize before you even walk in the door.

  23. Respect the iron
    Slamming weights down or tossing the dumbbells doesn't make you look tougher, it just points out the obvious that you shouldn't be lifting that much weight to begin with as you obviously can't handle it. And just to be clear, there is a difference between dropping the weights from a failure lift versus tossing the dumbbells 4 feet hoping someone will notice how "cool" you are.

  24. Weightlifting Belts aren't for fashion
    Weight belts are not a fashion statement, they are used for certain heavy lifts. Using them to ride the stationary bike or for your seated curls just makes you look like a goof... just a heads up more than a rule.

  25. Respect the newcomers
    This is the most important code of the gym. Remember when you first started how intimidating it was, how much there was to learn and just how uncomfortable you felt? Well go back to that place in your mind and give a little nod to the new guy, make them feel like they are welcome. They have the same goals as when you first picked up that first dumbbell, don't take that dream away from them.

Do you have something that should be added to this list? Comment below!

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