The Fitocracy App Review

The fitness app for gamers!

Fitocracy app review, built to motivate and perfect for gamers!

We all need a little extra motivation sometimes don’t we? Especially on those days when the thought of doing your work out is a real turn off. With a whole host of apps available for tracking your work outs and providing you with that much needed motivation, the Fitocracy app is the one to go for.

This Fitocracy app review will look at the main features of the app and the good and bad points. So let’s get started shall we?

Making Work Outs Fun

With Fitocracy you can track all of your workouts, beat quests, unlock achievements, earn points and slay the laziness dragon. The workout tracker can be used to earn points and level up. Quests can be completed to earn bonus points and you can earn badges by achieving certain milestones.

There are many other Fitocracy users and it is easy to make friends with other users. You can follow them and they can follow you. You can motivate each other by leaving comments and you can give them props.

Very Useful Features

You can easily enter and track the exercises that you perform in the gym. It is extremely easy to add reps, sets, exercises, routines and weights. You can even enter the details of your weigh in each day.

After you have completed your work out, all of your data can be submitted to the main Fitocracy website. Their website is also very feature rich.

If you want to add new exercises to your workout on the fly then this is easy to do. You can use the app to search for new exercises or just add exercises from old routines that you set up before. With old exercises you can easily see what weight you used previously and the number of reps.

It is really easy to add or remove exercises from your current workout routine. Notes can also be easily added to your routines.

You have the choice off adding work out routines via the Fitocracy website or via the app. There are very clear instructions available on how to perform the exercises you have chosen. Other tips and advice on using the app (and the website) are also available.

Do You Like Gaming? Then Fitocracy Is For You!

You can use the Fitocracy app like an MMORPG. They way it is organized certainly gives it a gaming feel. This starts with Levels.

You will be awarded points for the exercises that you have completed during your work out. The number of points awarded is based on the fitness benefits of the exercises (as assessed by Fitocracy).

Reaching different milestones with the points that you have accumulated will get you “leveled up” and movement up the levels is activated regularly and early so that you keep going and want to achieve more.

Then there are achievement badges. These are earned for various activities. An example of this is that you were able to lift a certain percentage of your bodyweight or that you ran your first 5km.

These achievement badges can be very motivating and there are a lot of them. The app will provide you with a number of new goals that you can aim for. The next achievable badge will be presented to you for the type of exercises that you are undertaking.

You will get a great sense of satisfaction to see your number of achievement badges increase. The app also suggests different goals that you can aim for to diversify your work outs.

Similar to achievements are quests. The difference is that quests consist of a variety of activities rather than achieving just one.

If you are a paid member of Fitocracy (then you will be a Fitocracy Hero!) you can initiate a duel with another member for a specific activity. If you want to take it a step further you can take part in a challenge which occurs between groups of Fitocracy users.

Be Social With The Fitocracy App

Behind the Fitocracy app is a social community of likeminded people who have a passion for bodybuilding and fitness. Following other users to see their progress is possible and they can follow you too.

It is pretty easy to find friends on Fitocracy. This can be done by groups or using tags and you can invite specific people. If you can convince 10 of your friends to sign up to Fitocracy then they will make you a temporary Fitocracy Hero!

Tags can be easily added to your profile and these can be anything from the type of workouts that you do, your interests in life and even where you live.

There is a groups function as well. When you join these groups you will find other people who share your interests such as bodybuilding and other forms of exercise. This can also motivate you as well.

Your feed will be displayed on the first page of the Fitocracy app (as well as the website). You can apply filters to see just the activities that you want. This can include your friend’s activities and those in the groups that you belong to.

Will It Work On Your Phone And How Much Is It?

There are apps for the iPhone and Android smart phones. Most of the features of Fitocracy are available for free. There is a paid version and if you go for this you will be a Fitocracy Hero.

As a Hero you will be able to initiate duels, claim your own special title, save other users workouts to your profile and lots more.

Is The Fitocracy App Perfect?

What do you think? Nothing is perfect, but the Fitocracy app is very good. There are a few issues with the Fitocracy forum when it comes to finding answers to questions. The FAQ page does not do what it is supposed to do and will redirect you back to the home page.

At the time of writing there is no way to view your weight over time. This is important, as weight gains and losses are all part of the game.

You can’t mix up metric and imperial measures. For weight lifting we always think in pounds but if running or swimming is part of your fitness routines then you are likely to want to use kilometers. You just can’t do this – it is one or the other.

The Android version of the app is flaky. It often crashes and sometimes you get a blank screen on start up. It seems like Fitocracy have devoted themselves to the iPhone and the Android version was just “slung together”. They need to sort this NOW!

Overall Impression 4 out of 5

Is the Fitocracy app worth having and using? A resounding yes, but be prepared for a few frustrations if you have an Android based smart phone. It will motivate you to go for and achieve new heights. And we all need that - don't we?

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