My Supplement Stack

I am often asked about what supplements I take, so here is my current/staple stack:

My supplements

  1. Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multi Vitamin.
    This is more than just a multi vitamin, it has a full joint complex too
  2. Sports Research MCT oil
    Literally has no taste, great to add to shakes or just by the spoonful.
  3. Scivation Xtend BCAAs
    I opt for the FREE version which has no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Which I mix with the RAW version which has literally no sweetener, flavour or colours. Keeps my BCAA drink not sooo sweet and better on the teeth with less citric acid ;)
  4. Fish Oil + Vitamin D.
    There are a lot of fish oils out there but I prefer to buy mine with vitamin D already in it, in the liquid form as its easy to add to my shakes. Brand wise I mix these up whenever I find a good price.
  5. Calcium + Magnesium
    Another one that has plenty of options, I take this as I live a dairy free diet so calcium supplementation is needed for me. Make sure you get one that also has a dose of Vitamin D as it helps with absorption.
  6. Probiotic
    Find yourself a good probiotic that has multiple strains. I take these every morning before my first meal so it can help to ensure I am taking in all those nutrients during the day by having my intestines ready to work!
  7. Allmax Nutrition 100% Pure Micronized Creatine
    Inexpensive, works great and zero bloating for me.
  8. Fungi Perfecti Organic Lion's Mane Extract
    As someone that battles epilepsy, this has been a HUGE factor in my recovery and cognitive function. It claims to support nerve growth and brain function among other things. STAPLE for me! Few drops makes it easy to take too.
  9. Ashwagandha root powder
    For all the stress life throws at you, this supplement helps me reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol in my body. Another amazing herb with even more benefits.
  10. Magnum Opus
    Being epileptic I have to avoid caffeine, this is the best non-stim pre and intra workout I have ever tried. TASTES AMAZING TOO!
  11. Vegan Protein (variety)
    Again with dairy free I opt out of the whey proteins. I tend to switch between brands as some I bake with, some I add to shakes and some are just on a sweet deal I cannot pass up.
  12. Youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula
    With hard training comes strained tendons and ligaments. As we age collagen (found in connective tissues) naturally breaks down. I would like to train until I am in the ground, so I will take any precautionary step possible to keep my body from not being able to lift.
  13. RISE protein bars
    Not so much a supplement but a great addition with simple ingredients with dairy free options and HIGH protein for a simple healthy protein bar.

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Lastly you need to keep your diet in check, these are all dietary "supplements" not replacements! And before taking anything you should always consult with a physician as these are only my personal favourites that work for me.